AMS Productions Inc. is a Bowmanville, Ontario based Independent Television Production Company.

JAMS Productions was incorporated in 1990 and has proudly been involved in creating innovative television programming since that time.


here have been incredible changes that have taken place at JAMS Productions over the past couple of years. We hope you find the changes as invigorating as we have.

First, we can no longer be found at 1262 Don Mills Road, Suite 203, Toronto. As the famous saying goes, 揥e have left the building.�

It all started one morning on the Don Valley Parkway. Alan, our Senior Producer, was on his way to pitch a new television series and was bogged down and delayed in serious traffic. At the same time, Susie and Marion were stuck on the 401 on their way to a meeting about turning the BUBBIE BREAK (our Grandparenting series) into a series of Audio Books. It was most annoying for all of us. Everyone later reconvened for a brief meeting at the Don Mills JAMS office location. We all then went out to Bowmanville, to meet with Joe Schwarz. Joe is Marion� husband of 53 years, and dad to Alan and Susie.

The Schwarz family have been cattle dealers since the 1700�. For the past 60-plus years the focus of the business was the export of dairy cattle into the United States. But since the USA closed the border to all Canadian dairy cattle because of the fear of Mad Cow disease, on May 20th, 2003 the dairy cattle export business has been completely obliterated.

Once we reached the farm location and started to depressurize, we all began to discuss how tired we were of the insane traffic and concrete. Joe suggested that if we wanted, we could move our offices to Bowmanville and have the farm as a relaxing and scenic backdrop.

After a discussion about logistics, the prospect sounded more and more exciting, and for the first time since 1991 when JAMS Productions was formed, it was decided that the company would relocate outside of the Big Smoke.

Today, JAMS Productions is proudly located at 2206 Holt Road, Production Trailer #1, Bowmanville, Ontario, L1C 3K7.

The phone number for JAMS Productions has also changed. The best way to reach us is at (647) 273-4844. This is considered a local Toronto number. The direct number at the farm is (905) 623-2895. We have often been asked why we didn� keep our old Toronto number of (416) 449-4844, and the simple truth is, we live in the age of new media and the internet, and truly believe that any party that wants to find us, will.

If anybody is interested in visiting us at our new Country Offices, we would be more than pleased to introduce them to the cows on the farm, plus Buddy and Poncho our friendly Donkeys, and Warrior and Shelly the resident Horses.

We are grateful to Joe Schwarz for letting us set up on the farm. There are all kinds of great cattle running around plus a very friendly bull named Charlie. This is a real Bull, not to be confused with the other type of Bull that is the sometimes by-product of certain people who work in television.

JAMS Productions is working on all kinds of neat projects and we still have a great library of programs that we have produced, including the Bubbie Break.

We hope you enjoy reading about life at JAMS Productions and thank you for your patience. As the old clich� goes (and we believe this strongly), 揟he best is yet to come.�


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